What Your Child Can Expect During Surgery According to a Dental Surgeon

Medical procedures can be frightening for any child. Because the mouth is such a sensitive area, this is especially true for dental work. If you help your child understand what they can expect before their procedure, this might help calm their nerves and feel less afraid. Here's an outline of the experience described by a dental surgeon and their staff. First, your child should stop eating anything at midnight the night before the surgery.

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The only things they can continue to ingest are clear liquids such as water. On the day of the surgery, it is a common practice to share staff between the checkup office and the surgery center, so it's possible they may see a familiar face. This can help reassure them in an unfamiliar environment. Before the surgery begins, prepare to spend some time in the waiting room. While most offices offer a television or coloring books, it's a wise idea to bring soothing activities from home such as a favorite book or a tablet with games to help pass the time. About ten minutes before the operation, they'll receive medicine to help keep them calm. Because the procedure is sterile, parents will not be allowed to accompany them into the operating room. .