The Top Family Restaurants to Enjoy at Disneyworld

Dining at a good restaurant is one of the best ways to make family memories when you visit Disneyland. Disney has a wide array of good eating places for your family if you are looking for a family restaurant. The number of options can be overwhelming, so take some time to select your top picks before you arrive.

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Consider Beach and Cream if you are looking for kid-friendly foods such as hamburgers and character meals. Mickey's Backyard and Sanaa are perfect for outdoor picnics. Sanaa has a garden with savanna animals for kids to watch as they eat. Ohana provides live entertainment and fireworks if you pop in at the perfect time and choose the right seat. Mickeys Backyard has a diverse menu of barbeque meals for your family as you picnic. Take your older kids to Sci-Fi Dine, where they can enjoy meals seated on car-themed closets, or Splitsville, where the whole family can bowl and enjoy great food. Children who love dinosaurs will have crazy fun at T-Rex Restaurant, while Otto is perfect for a Japanese-themed family outing. Chefs entertain kids as they prepare the food. Coral Reef Restaurant provides a fancy high-end experience where you enjoy meals while watching marine wildlife.