A Guide for Easy Electric Water Heater Installations

Water heater installations are a DIY activity that every homeowner can do with the right tools and guidance. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you install a new electric water heater. You will save time and money if you install the unit yourself.

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It is not rocket science, to be precise. Preparing for the job properly will prevent you from encountering issues in the middle of the task. Assemble the tools for use, and then check the size and energy specifications on the old tank. Be sure to choose a tank that fits your needs. Switch off the power supply, turn off the valves and drain the tank. Disconnect the water lines and remove the old heater. Ensure that you mark the wires to remember the circuit connections when installing a new heater. Install the new heater and reconnect the circuit, then re-attach the water supply lines, the pressure discharge pipe, and the temperature control valve. Switch on the circuit breaker and test the new installation. Let the hot water run for a few minutes to remove the air inside the pipes, tank, and valves. The heater may take a few hours after installation to fully heat the water.