Dentists Debunk Common Oral Health Myths

There are several misunderstandings about various elements of oral health care. There is a lot of dental information online or passed by word of mouth and some of it may be untrue. This video shows a dentist and an orthodontist debunking some dental health myths:

7 Myths Debunked:

Irreversible Cavities

Those that are within the enamel are reversible.

Acidic Fruits Whiten Your Smile

The acid will erode and weaken the teeth.

Braces Are Just for Crooked Teeth

Braces are also for bite issues, spacing issues, and traumatic occlusion.

A Knocked-Out Tooth Is Gone for Good

If the tooth can be reimplanted within an hour, it can survive. Put it in a glass of whole milk immediately to keep the cells alive.

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Diet Sodas Won't Give You Cavities

Low pH levels mean the acidic content is higher, which attacks the teeth.

Fillings Last Forever

In certain situations, the filling may need to be redone.

Baby Teeth Aren't Important

Removing teeth early poses speech and psychological problems.

Dentists recommend flossing and brushing daily and using fluoride toothpaste. Children and adults should get regular dental checks done.