How Denture Dentists Get You Fitted For False Teeth

Missing teeth cause insecurities for many people. They can also lead to problems with eating and sometimes even with speech. Fortunately, a dentist can help their patients with this problem. Dentures are also called false teeth because they fit into the spaces where teeth are missing. People trying to understand what getting dentures entails can watch The Stages Of Getting A Denture And False Teeth.

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The video walks the viewers through the different stages involved in getting dentures. There are many problems in terms of oral health that general dentists can help solve. However, some situations require the services of a specialist. A prosthodontist, also known as a denture dentist, deals with restoring the jaw structure and replacing missing teeth. Dentures are essentially replica teeth and can be made of plastic, metal, or even nylon. The types of dentures are partial and complete. Typically, partial dentures are suitable when replacing a single or a few teeth, while complete dentures replace a whole set of teeth on the jaw. Denture dentists will take measurements of the mouth using impressions called molds. Technicians use molds to create dentures. The dentists will test it out to see whether it fits and may also adjust other things about the appearance.