This Outside the Box Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea Uses a Different Sort of Storage

If you're designing your dream kitchen, you know that form and function are equally important. A stylish choice may look beautiful, but if it lacks practicality you'll become easily frustrated whenever you attempt to cook a meal. Kitchen cabinets are essential to provide storage in your kitchen space, but what if you want an outside-the-box approach? Replacing traditional cabinets with open shelving is a trendy kitchen cabinet design idea that might be right for you. One advantage of designing a kitchen without any upper cabinets is that you can change the feel of your kitchen environment.

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This choice can help the space feel more open and airy and let in more natural light, which is especially welcome in small or cramped spaces. Having less concealed storage will also encourage you to accumulate less clutter. If you're opting to ditch cabinets, you might wonder what alternatives are available. If you select open shelving, you might pick a single long shelf that extends the length of your counters or a series of shelves stacked vertically above one another. Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic of a well-styled shelf as opposed to a closed cabinet. .