What To Do if Tow Services Towed Your Car

Realizing that your vehicle has been towed can be a huge shock. Maybe you parked in a private spot without realizing it or missed a crucial sign only to return to find your car has been taken by tow services. This video is a great resource if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation or simply want to be prepared in case this ever happens to you.

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The first thing to do is to double-check for any signage you might have missed. Take pictures of any signs you find as well as the exact location where your car was parked. This information will be important if you were actually allowed to park in the zone you chose. The next step is to learn which tow services have your car. The sign should have a phone number you can call to confirm that they do, in fact, have your vehicle. Once you've located your vehicle, you need to go there to retrieve it. When you arrive, you'll be given documentation about the event. It's crucial that you read all of this thoroughly. At this time you can determine if you were wrongfully towed. If this was the case, you'll need a towing hearing. .