What It's Like to Be a Student at Performing Arts Schools

Performing arts schools can be busy and demanding for students. Without proper organization, it can be challenging for them to live through their days successfully. What does a day in a performing art student's life look like? This video gives a sneak peek into what it is like to be a student in a performing arts school.

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A typical day for students in performing arts schools may include classes, rehearsals, and performances. A student wakes up and starts getting ready for school. At school, he catches up with other students and attends arts lessons. Here, they are taught art history, color theory, painting, drawing, and sometimes photography. Lessons can also include character analysis and singing practices in preparation for auditions. However, there is a short break between classes, where students can snack and interact. There are also rehearsals and warm-up exercises to help students with their dancing, voice training, and script mastering. This can include ballet classes, where students have to do some stretching, center work, and cross floor combinations. Once students complete the rehearsals, they go for auditions. This helps identify students who are talented in the arts and who can thrive in an art career.