You Won't Need Car Washes With These At Home Tricks

Are you tired of paying for commercial car washes? While many people pay for the convenience of having someone else complete this service, you can actually save money in the long run if you invest in the materials to clean your car yourself. This video is going to help you get the best car wash right at home, including tips on what equipment you'll need. All you need is the right tools and the know-how to get amazing results from your at-home car wash without the stress of having to take your car anywhere.

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There are several tips that are shared in this video that anyone can apply to car care. For example, you should have a total of three rags to use--one to wash the painted areas, one for your tires, and one to dry your car with. Other tips are things that you should not do when you are washing your car. For example, never use dishwashing liquid to wash your car. Dishwashing soap could damage your paint, which could lead to costly repairs. Use specialty car soap to protect your vehicle's exterior. Watch as the presenter shows you how to wash your car from top to bottom to get the best results.