Follow the Decorative Concrete Process With This Helpful Guide

Follow this guide if you're considering adding decorative concrete to your house. The Youtube video "Award Winning Decorative Concrete, Complete Process!" describes stamped, stenciled, and other kinds of decorative concrete, so let's find out more! For stenciled concrete, you need a type of waxy construction paper cut into a particular style, giving you a final look that can't be achieved with stamped concrete. This option might be the best choice if you've always craved a more complicated design.

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Once the concrete pour is done, you can add an acid stain, giving you some beautiful colors. Almost no one works with stencils, meaning you can set your house apart with this decorative concrete and have the most beautiful exterior in the neighborhood. The stenciling products can be bought separately, or your contractor should have a contact where you can purchase your supplies. However, you'll have to pour less concrete than stamped designs or other methods. Otherwise, the excess material will create a mess. Once the pour is done and pressed lightly, you can place the stencil on top of the wet material. You can check the rest of the video for more details about decorative concrete, and contact us today to make your exterior stand out!.