Why Neglecting Your Fluid Can Lead to Damage and Transmission Repair

It is common for drivers not to consider whether or not their vehicle needs a transmission fluid replacement until they begin to experience issues when changing gears, and the cost of a possible transmission repair may then start to worry them. A transmission is comprised of parts sensitive to friction; hence, clean transmission fluid is crucial to avoid excessive friction and overheating. Remember that cleansing transmission fluid rather than changing it is only advised if the fluid is in good shape and exhibits no signs of deterioration.

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An issue could arise in the transmission's valve body if a flush is performed while there is damaged transmission material in the fluid. Ask the auto shop's transmission repair specialists to do routine transmission fluid checks on your car. The fluid's color will reveal everything you need to know. Bright pink indicates that the liquid is new and does not require replacement. It should be replaced if it is light brown with a touch of pink. It could be dark brown if the transmission fluid has never been replaced. Metal fragments that are floating around could also be a sign of transmission damage. Ignoring your vehicle's transmission fluid can lead to serious issues in the future.