Learn These Window Replacement Parts Before Starting Your Project

Here is a useful resource that goes over all the different window replacement parts and explains how they work to assist you in your window purchasing or repair journey. The total amount of glass in a window, excluding the window frame or the sash stiles and rails, is referred to as the daylight opening (DLO). The vertical window parts that make up a sash are called stiles.

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At least two layers of glass, and occasionally three, make up the glazing of contemporary windows. For added insulation, inert gas—typically argon—is pumped between the layers of glass. To control how much light and heat are transmitted through or reflected away from glass, nearly invisible coatings are often added. To increase strength, add seclusion, and offer decorative possibilities, glazing can be improved with tints and laminations. The sash, which holds the glass and moves the window open and shut, is a component of the window. Window sashes and frames can be manufactured in many types of materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, and vinyl. The parts of a sash that run horizontally are called rails. Check rails are the two rails that double as a single rail and meet in the middle of hung and double-hung windows.