Try These Back Pain Relief Exercises for Instant Results

A common physical complaint that many adults share is a pain in their lower back. Whether it's caused by too much sitting or by improper technique while working out, it's easy to strain this sensitive area. It can be helpful for health-conscious individuals to educate themselves about how this issue is caused, how to perform some simple back pain relief exercises, and develop a strategy to prevent this discomfort from returning. First, it's important to note that, while the pain can be felt in the lower back, the culprit isn't a back muscle at all.

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Instead, the discomfort can be traced to the gluteus medius. Ideally, this muscle should allow you to keep your pelvis level every time you take a step. To address this pain, lay down on your side and place your hand on your hip area. You'll use pressure from your hand for this exercise. Raise your top leg and lower your knee in front of you to the ground. Then, extend your leg behind you and upwards. Repeat this exercise about ten times. Once you master this exercise, add it to your work out routine to prevent further issues from arising in the future. .