A Peek Behind the Scenes at a Japanese Ramen Restaurant

Of all the Japanese cultural phenomenons taking the world by storm, ramen is one of the most popular, not to mention one of the tastiest. While this delectable noodle dish might appear simple at first glance, you might be surprised at the level of preparation and care that goes into each steaming bowl. To get a better idea of how this delicious dish is made, took a look behind the scenes at this Japanese ramen restaurant, or "ramen-ya." While the noodles in the dish might be store-bought depending on the establishment, all of the other ingredients will be hand-crafted with care.

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There's a wide variety that can be found even in the noodles themselves. Depending on the dish, they can vary in thickness and how they are cooked. On top of that, fish broth needs to be made starting early in the morning. Eggs also need to be prepared so they offer the perfect runny consistency. While menus will vary by location, you can typically find a few classic dishes. "Shio" ramen will have a light, salty broth with lean pork and thin noodles. "Noukou" ramen contains nice, thick noodles and a broth that overflows with delicious fishy flavor. .