Watch This Before Working as a Tech at Car Body Shops

Auto body technicians handle many types of body repairs, from replacing floorboard insulation to repairing dented twisted doors, grills, and frames. Any person seeking a career in auto body repair needs some skills and techniques to deal with these types of car repairs. Watch this video on how to become an auto body technician. Working as a tech in car body shops means dealing with many dent repairs. Dings and dents on a car's body are common, even for experienced drivers.

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They are not only unsightly and upsetting but can also compromise a car's structural integrity and durability. Being an auto body technician requires skills in repairing these damages. Minor dents may require pushing, rubbing, and patting of the affected area, while severe damages may need more equipment, grounding, and sanding. Cars with scratches or broken paint protective coating are prone to rust, which can damage the frame or lower a car's value. Rusty car parts are brittle and can break or snap off. Such cars need repairing, which is the work of the auto body technician. The tech must know color matching to repair a car's exterior in a way that their work will be undetectable after they've completed the job.