Beginner Tips to Provide Beautiful Residential Upholstery Services

If you have a piece of furniture that doesn't suit your style but is still functionally sound, why not consider an upholstery project? Investing a little time and money can transform a tacky chair into the aesthetically pleasing addition your home needs. Follow these tips to create professional-grade residential upholstery services with a DIY approach. The first thing you'll need to do is assemble all of your materials.

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You'll need a piece of fabric that will go on the outside of the cushion cut in the shape of the chair's seat with about four inches of excess all around the border. To provide padding to the seat, you need a thick layer of foam, which you can have cut to the proper shape at a foam store. Lastly, you'll need some cotton batting for the top layer. Make sure that all of your stuffing layers are perfectly aligned in the center of your fabric. Pull the fabric taut to the back of the seat and staple it securely with a staple gun. The appearance of this side won't matter because it will be hidden when your project is completed. Take your time to neatly fasten the fabric by working your way slowly around the edge of the seat. .