How to Know If Cosmetic Or General Dentistry Is Best for You

If you'd like a professional to take a look at your smile, you know it's time to schedule a dentist appointment. But which kind of dental professional is the right fit for your case? Many patients would be surprised to discover that dentists can be just as specialized as any other kind of medical professional. Possible focuses of training include general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Learn more to decide which practice will best suit your needs.

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In a nutshell, general dentistry deals with the health of your teeth. For example, if you have a cavity, you'll need it to be filled. A cracked tooth will need a crown installed. In addition to teeth, general dentists are also considered with gum health and can assist you with developing an oral hygiene regimen. In contrast, seek a cosmetic dentist if you want to alter the appearance of your teeth. They can change their size, shape, or length to create a smile that makes you feel proud. For example, a cosmetic dentist might recommend veneers as a way to transform the appearance of your teeth. However, oral health is also important to cosmetic dentists because it's a necessary foundation for all of their procedures. .