The Home Building Process Outlined Step-By-Step

Watch this video to learn the steps to follow when building a home. This information will help you make informed decisions if you are planning to build a house. Knowing how things will evolve throughout the process will allow you to preview the work ahead and know who is responsible for what and ensure that everything happens according to the plan. Before you start the process of building, ensure that you have all the required clearance permits from the local government. Once the clearance is obtained, the crew can start the physical construction.

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They should start by leveling the ground to have an even look. Using a bulldozer and backhoe, they can clear the site off bushes and trees. Also, they can dig up the drainage system for the septic tank. After that, the crew can put up the frames and the forms depending on the design of the home building. The crew can now complete the rough framing and enclose all the exteriors. Roofing is done at this point. This is followed by flooring, installing doors and windows, plumbing, and electrical equipment fitting. The final step involves applying the finishing touches, including painting, setting up toilets, and landscaping. However, be prepared for complications along the way because they are inevitable for a project of this size.