Your Auto Glass Install Guide for Broken Side Glass

A thief trying to steal your belongings or kids playing on the street can damage your car window. Regardless of who broke the glass or their intent, it will need to be replaced. Luckily, the auto glass install process is not difficult and does not require a professional. Watch this video and learn how to replace a broken auto side glass.

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Replacing a car's side window requires basic tools such as a screwdriver set, trim removal tools, a socket set, and a shop vacuum. Personal protective equipment such as safety gloves and goggles for eye protection are also necessary. There are many different ways trim panels can be attached to vehicles, and each one is unique. Therefore, a service manual will be helpful. The first step will be to visit a local auto shop and find a replacement. Remove the damaged window and clean all the glass pieces using a shop vacuum. Remove all screws, clips, and bolts that secure the door trim. The service manual will help locate all the bolts and screws. Once all the debris is cleared, lift or lower the window to a level that allows easy access to the glass mounting. Unplug the window regulator, remove the weather seals, and install the new window. Once the new glass is in place, reassemble all the components.