A Dentist Debunks Top Dental Myths

There are a lot of myths about dental care that dentists have to dispel. One of them is that people will be poisoned by using fluoride on their teeth. Fluoride is great for teeth, helping to rebuild the enamel and keeping them safe from decay.

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Using fluoride products on the teeth is safe. It should not, however, be swallowed in large amounts. Many people also wonder whether it's better to use mouthwash with alcohol. However, it's better not to have alcohol in it. The dentist also gets a lot of questions about whether their dental x-rays are bad for them. The radiation used in dental x-rays is extremely small, and you are shielded from it as needed. There is no need to worry about dental x-rays. Dentists are also asked if a dental cleaning will result in bleeding in the gums. This generally shouldn't occur unless you have gum disease. An infection in the gums can cause bleeding during cleanings. Another popular inquiry is whether regularly cleaning at home can replace a dental checkup. Because deep cleaning is different from the cleaning you do at home, both are highly important to the patient's dental health, so cleanings shouldn't be neglected.