How to Use Ribbons to Achieve a Gorgeous Look for Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are a time full of magical traditions where you and your loved ones can create memories that will last for decades to come. One of the most beloved moments of the season is when you gather together to decorate your Christmas tree. If you're looking to give your tree a fresh look this season, consider adding ribbon.

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A Christmas tree decorated with ribbon has an elevated look that appears to have taken considerable effort to pull together. However, achieving this aesthetic is actually quite simple with the use of a few easy techniques. When adding ribbon to your tree, be sure to find options that have wire along their edges. This will allow you to bend and shape it in precise ways, rather than letting it droop and hang sadly. One ribbon technique you can try is cascading. First, tie the ribbon to the tree directly onto the PVC tips that make up its structure. Weave it in and out of its branches to create the elegant appearance of downward visual motion. The second ribbon technique to attempt is finishing. Rather than cutting the ends, simply roll them in on themselves, almost like preparing a croissant. .