These Affordable Dental Implanting Options Will Fit Your Mouth and Your Budget

When we think of missing teeth, an image of an adorable child typically springs to mind. However, it's possible for an adult to lose a tooth as well, and there aren't any natural replacements in store for them. In such cases, a dentist might recommend a dental implant. A dental implant can be costly, especially if it includes the implant, the artificial tooth root, the abutment, the support post, and the dental crown, which is the fake tooth. The cost may rise further if bone grafts are required.

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Fortunately, affordable dental implanting options can help lower the price. This video explains some affordable state-of-the-art dental implants. Dental insurance plans can help manage the cost of implants and other dental care services. However, most insurers use the 100-80-50 plan, where the insurance company covers only 50 percent of extensive dental care, such as implants. Dental discount plans provide an affordable dental implanting option because they cover implants. Though there are several types of discount plans, most work similarly. Local dental schools offer an affordable option for dental implants. Dental schools need patients to train their students and mostly provide dental care at half the cost, covering only equipment and materials. Though not yet experts, dental students perform procedures under the close supervision of a team of licensed orthodontists.