What It's Like to Work as an Auto Repair Service Technician

Automotive technicians work in auto repair service shops inspecting cars and performing service, maintenance, and vehicle repairs. Smaller auto service shops' duties include a full range of maintenance and repair services. However, those working in larger auto shops may specialize in specific areas, like electronics, transmission, engine, air conditioning, or brakes.

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Watch this video and learn the work of an automotive service technician. The umbrella term "automotive services" actually encompasses a vast array of different tasks and technical components that a repairperson encounters regularly. An auto repair service technician does routine inspections and services to vehicles. This includes examining and diagnosing malfunctioning cars, determining issues, finding various solutions, discussing them with the car owner, and fixing the problem. Though they majorly work on mechanical components such as transmissions, engines, braking systems, hoses, and belts, they must also be familiar with electronic systems. In modern cars, computers and electrical systems control steering systems, braking, transmission, and other components. These vehicles also have other integrated electronic systems, such as sensors and cameras. Furthermore, an automotive technician may be required to work on cars that run on alternative fuels, like electricity and ethanol. These technicians rely on several tools for diagnosis, disassembling, and reassembling vehicle components.