Watch a Beginner Martial Arts Lesson Online

Martial arts can prove to be a life-saving skill. It not only helps one keep fit but also knows defensive skills that can be invaluable if they are attacked. Karate is one of the most basic martial art skills. For a beginner, the first step is to warm up. The warm-up involves the movement of various parts of the body to get the blood flowing and keep the person ready for the martial arts lesson. The warm-up should focus on various parts of the body such as arms, shoulders, head, and neck.

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The first move one should learn is the Yoko Uke. The initial position is the most important part of the move. One hand should be raised in line with the shoulder. The other hand should be slightly above the waist on the other side. One then needs to cross the arms and then change the positions of the hands. In every move, the arms are crossed and then taken the position held by the other hand. The other move is the Age Uke, which is the upper walk. The first hand is placed just like in Yoko Uke, slightly above the waist. The other hand is slightly above the head forming a 45-degree angle. Just like in Yoko Uke, one crosses, the hands then give then changes their positions. One should also learn other basic moves such as the lower block and the body punch. All these moves are pretty basic and a beginner can do them easily.