How to Make Roof Estimates for Cost From the Ground

There are many ways to estimate the cost of a roof. The most common is to use a tape measure and a ladder. However, there are times when you don't have either tool available. For example, you may be working on a job where you can't get up on the roof because it's too high off the ground, or you may not want to climb onto the roof because you might fall off. In these situations, estimating the cost of a roof without using a tape measure and a step ladder is possible.

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The first thing you need to do when it comes to getting roof estimates from the ground is to find out how much your roof will weigh, then multiplying that number by the weight of each square foot of shingle. Next, determine the area of your roof. To do this, take measurements from one end of your roof to the other. Once you have these figures, you can easily calculate the total weight of your roof. Simply divide the total square footage of your roof by the total area. Then, multiply that result by the price per square foot. That gives you the estimated cost of your roof.