A Hairdresser Offers Her Secret Tips for Healthy Hair

Your hairstyle is an essential part of your look. Everyone seeks healthy, luminous hair as the perfect addition to every outfit. However, if your hair has been bleached or dyed extensively, it's possible that it's a bit damaged. You might also struggle with dull, limp, or lifeless locks. If you're wondering how to restore vitality to your tresses, follow these expert tips from a professional hairdresser and you'll achieve a salon-quality look in no time. One simple tip is to wash your hair with colder water.

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While no one wants to be shivering while they get clean, lower temperatures are beneficial for preserving your hair. Many people believe that it's always best to let your hair air dry, but this isn't necessarily true. If you leave the house with wet hair, you're exposing it to damage from the sun and pollutants in the air. It's best to stay home while your hair is still damp. To speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer on a medium setting. A common question posed to hairdressers is how often hair should be washed. It's recommended that you wash your hair two to three times a week. Washing more frequently can affect the pH level of your locks. .