A Bathroom Renovator Shares How to Fix Common Design Traps

If you're tackling your bathroom renovation with a DIY approach, chances are you're excited to bring your vision of the perfect home to life. However, a remodel is a giant operation, and it's inevitable that you'll encounter unexpected challenges. To help ensure your bathroom's transformation goes as smoothly as possible, follow these tips from an experienced bathroom renovator. One key step that you won't want to skip is collecting physical samples of your materials.

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This can be acquired by contacting your supplier or ordering online. Viewing the materials in your space will give you the most accurate impression of how they suit your vision as well as how different materials look in combination. If you like the look of a natural stone slab but want something with a smaller financial footprint, consider choosing a porcelain veneer. These look almost identical but will be much gentler on your budget. When placing your mirror, you'll want your light fixtures to be directly overhead. This will create an elegant and luxurious ambiance in your space. This tip is especially useful if your bathroom doesn't receive any natural light and you want to create the illusion of a larger space. .