All Basic Auto Parts And Their Functions Explained

Many people who drive cars don't even know how each auto part works. However, if you're a responsible owner and good car driver, you must have a fundamental understanding and knowledge of the car you operate. So, do you know which parts are the most crucial in making your car operate smoothly?

For instance, your car will not start if it doesn't have a battery. Therefore, you will want to check it regularly to make sure it works in keeping your vehicle running at optimal performance.

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The engine is just as important as the car battery. In fact, it's one of the most remarkable technologies that most people use every day but doesn't give much thought to. If not for the engine, you won't be able to start, operate, and drive the car.

If you're driving a stick shift, then you're already familiar with manual transmissions. It can be overwhelming to drive a manual car at first since you have to mind the clutch while also taking note of which gear to shift to next. If you carelessly shift into the wrong gear while driving, the car engine may suddenly die on you.

When you have an automatic transmission, it makes the shifting effortless as it just uses one set of gears. In this video by Car Manufacturing, you'll discover everything you need to know about auto parts and their functions.