How to Seal a Brick Paver Pool With a Garden Sprayer

A brick paver surround for your pool is a great way to make your pool look great and to help it last as well. A brick paver pool surround is going to be more durable than a wooden deck and looks great. First, you need to get your supplies together.

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A clear, non-yellowing clear coat is a must. You also need a brush for areas that the sprayer cannot reach, a rag for cleaning, a muriatic acid mix for cleaning the pavers before you start, and a sprayer that you do not mind throwing away. Before you start sealing you need to first clean the pavers well. This means cleaning them with soap as well as the muriatic acid wash to help ensure that all the rust, debris, dirt, and other stains that are present are not sealed into the clear coat when you seal the pavers. You also need to use paver sand to fill in the gaps in the pavers to help ensure that they stay in place. Once you have the cracks filled in you can either use a blower or a soft broom to clear away the loose sand. You then need to rinse and allow them to dry completely before you use your garden sprayer to lay your clear coat.