How To Fix a Squeaky Garage Door With Calling a Garage Door Repair Man

If you have a squeaky door that's driving you mad, you should try to repair it yourself instead of calling a garage door repair man. For this AmplifyDIY, we're going to show how to fix that lousy squeaky garage door without calling a repair man. Some DIY techniques can be completed by using common items you already have around your home.

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First, try to fix the issue by using organic soap. A great way to take care of a squeaky noise from a garage door is by using soap. Traditional soap will do the job, but we advise using organic soap with coconut oil because it offers more lubrication. Hairspray is another practical way to discard that squeaky noise from your door. Put an end to that noisy door by using extra strong hairspray. WD-40 will do the job if nothing seems to work to discard that garage door noise. This petroleum-based liquid is easy to get, as most DIY stores sell it at a great price. Squeaky doors are a headache and sometimes are hard to eliminate. However, with these tips, you won't have any issues with squeaky doors. Please keep watching our video for more DIY and home improvement pieces of advice.