How to Start a Dog Boarding Service In Your Home

Are you a devoted animal lover? Would you rather have canine coworkers? If your furry friends are your passion and you're looking to find another source of income, you might consider starting a dog boarding service in your home. Every community is full of pet owners, making local dog boarding services a valuable resource no matter where you live. However, just because you love pets doesn't mean you're set up for success as a small business owner.

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Before starting your new venture, it's a good idea to learn about what the process has in store for you. In the past, it was unusual to board a stranger's pet in your home. This service was typically reserved as a favor for close friends or loved ones. However, the rise of popular pet-centric apps has created a market for in-home pet boarding. When starting a new business, you need to consider the legal aspect of things. For example, research local zoning laws before you accept any doggy guests into your home. You'll also need to consider your impact on local traffic. If you have an influx of visitors to your home to drop off their pets, that might cause an issue for your neighbors. .