Honda Mechanics Hate Facing These Issues

Although Hondas might seem like great cars, many mechanics actually hate them due to certain repair issues and problems that they frequently cause. The Youtube video "Here's Why Mechanics Hate Hondas" shows these issues perfectly, and why you should think twice while buying this car. Let's find out more! Honda mechanics have commonly seen problems such as running difficulty even when the car is warm. The bigger issue is that the check engine light doesn't turn on, and when this happens, it's hard to tell what is wrong.

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In most cases, the light will seemingly be working, and although this mechanism is not foolproof, it should be on if the engine is not functioning properly or if there's something wrong. When this occurs, a mechanic has to use a data connector to check it. In the case of the video, the diagnostic revealed that the sensor was responding too slowly, which means that either the sensor itself is bad or the catalytic converter is starting to malfunction. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to replace the latter, so it's best to try to fix the light. You can check the rest of the video for more details about Honda mechanics and what they deal with every day.