What Vehicle Owners Need to Know About Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings

Ceramic paint protection coating is used on almost every material. The main reason for using them is to get that shiny look on whatever you are using them on. They are more like a layer of thin glass.

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Ceramic coatings are made up of silica and a solvent such as alcohol. Once applied, it is buffed to give that small glassy layer and make it as shiny as possible. The coating is not just applied aimlessly, there is a certain procedure that needs to be followed before getting to the application. You wash the surface normally, decontaminate the surface, then power shave the surface of your vehicle. All these processes need to be done strategically to ensure no particles that could crack the coating are left. Use the coating on an applicator and wipe it across the painting of your car strategically. Once dry, you can then remove the excess coating and leave it to cure. It has self-cleaning properties and can go for years without reapplication. Remember, it should not be in a plastic bottle. If it is in a plastic bottle it is probably just wax, so get the right type of ceramic paint protection coating.