How to Enjoy Sushi The Proper Way

One of the most popular dishes borrowed from Japanese cuisine is sushi. With delicious, fragrant rice, salty seaweed, and countless filling options, it's easy to customize sushi to please almost any taste palate. From date nights at upscale restaurants to enjoying takeout brought by sushi delivery companies, people around the country devour this tasty Asian treat. However, many diners unfamiliar with Japanese culture might be wondering about the etiquette surrounding this dish.

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To learn more about how to eat sushi, we go right to the source back in Japan. Because rice is the main ingredient, it's the most important component of sushi. Soy sauce is served to the customer in a shallow dish. This allows for individual pieces of sushi to be dipped delicately in the sauce without overwhelming the flavors of the other ingredients. Another popular condiment is wasabi. Known for its bright green color, this potent paste is made from plants and tastes similar to horseradish. One type of sushi is rolled with a layer of seaweed on the outside. It's considered acceptable to enjoy this style with your fingers. Sushi is also served with pickled ginger on the side. This should be enjoyed by itself to cleanse the palette. .