Why Social Security Lawyers Might Decline Your Case

Why do people rely on social security lawyers when they can file their disability benefits themselves? For one, doing so can increase your odds of achieving a better outcome – especially if you hire a good lawyer with years of experience in the field. But you should remember that not all disability attorneys accept every kind of disability claim.

Most attorneys seek payment on a contingency fee basis for them to handle these sorts of claims. Due to this fact, the attorney will get paid only when the claim is successfully granted and will not get compensated if the claim is unsuccessful.

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As a result, most lawyers will first analyze a claim to determine whether it has a good chance of succeeding.

You should note that it would be hard to find a lawyer that will go above and beyond to help you win your claim. Therefore, if your medical records and documentation are lacking, your chosen attorney may refuse to accommodate your claim. If you want your disability claim to be granted, you need to make sure that you have sufficient evidence to support it.

You may find a legal company accepting cases despite insufficient medical evidence. They may require you to submit to testing or look for cheaper healthcare choices. Watch this informative video, where you'll discover more about Social Security lawyers and why they might decline your case.