Consider This Before Getting Dreadlock Extensions

Dreadlock extensions have become one of the most common natural hair styling options. Many love to see them, and you can’t wait for your dreadlock extensions to grow healthy. If you want dreadlocks, there are things you need to know.

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Before getting into a long-term protective style, it is recommended that you ensure the hair is always in a healthy condition. Wear a protective style that will not manipulate your hair. Your hair will be wrapped entirely and will be covered for at least eight weeks. Dreadlock extension is a 2-way process. It usually takes 6-12 hours, based on the density and length of your hair. It may also vary on the speed and technique of the technician. It’s very simple to maintain dreadlock extensions. They may last up to 12 weeks if you keep them properly. There is also a touch-up when it reaches about 6-8 weeks. That way, hair loss and damage may be prevented. Perhaps you may use oil to keep you healthy and remain in style. Don’t use heavy greases, cream conditioners, or pomades, as they could damage the loc and create residue and buildup. Removing extensions will require assistance so you will not cut your hair by accident. It may also cause excessive breakage, depending on how long you have worn them.