Top Mexican Cuisine Dishes You Need to Try

Mexican cuisine is a flavorful and fun style of menu enjoyed by countless families across the United States. Whether you enjoy visiting your local Mexican restaurant or bringing these dishes to life in the comfort of your home, the delicious tastes of this country's dishes are classic crowd-pleasers. If you're stuck in a bit of a rut with your meal planning or want to try a new cooking challenge, check out this video.

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It details incredible Mexican dishes you can try. One of the most popular Mexican dishes is a churro. This fried dough is bursting with sweetness because it's dusted with a coating of sugar and cinnamon. While many Americans turn to churros for a delicious dessert, they're often enjoyed at breakfast time in Mexico. Another popular dish is a gordita. These round creations are filled with a variety of ingredients like meat, cheese, or vegetables. The dough used can be made with corn or wheat, and the finished result is either baked or fried. Sope is a classic snack option. It starts with a round circle of dough, to which refried beans are added. The chef can then top the dish with a variety of sauces to suit their taste buds. .