How to Estimate Master Bathroom Renovation Costs

A complete bathroom renovation is a shrewd step toward enhancing your home's resale value and aesthetics. Typically, remodeling entails tearing down the entire bathroom. Remember, removing tiles during renovation may weaken and expose the walls to damage. Therefore, you have a weak bathroom wall after renovations. The remodeling costs may vary based on the materials you intend to use and the size of your bathroom.

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The average cost for a modest bathroom renovation typically ranges between $18,000 and $28,000. This cost may, however, fluctuate depending on the features of your bathroom and the materials you intend to use. In some bigger homes, a bathroom remodeling may cost up to $80,000. Why is that, though? More oversized bathrooms may entail lots of features. And the amenities in a bathroom determine how much the entire process will cost. For instance, installing tiling in a medium-sized bathroom could cost between $4500 and $6000, while plumbing could cost up to $3000. It's advisable to ask your bath remodeling company for an estimate of the typical cost of bathroom renovation. Before beginning the installation procedure, don't forget to find out how much the amenities you want to add to your bathroom will cost.