How You Can Look Younger After a Visit to the Dentists Office

Have you heard that even a dentists office can give you a facelift that can make you look years younger? In the United States, dental facelifts promise to give you a flawless set of teeth and reconstruct your face to make it appear younger. The lower and upper teeth are covered with veneer to subtly alter and lift the face.

Cosmetic dentists usually use veneers to fix discolorations and chipped and crooked teeth. But in this procedure, veneers also help reshape the face and lift it.

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Our teeth significantly contribute to the structure of the face. And as we age, our mouths and facial proportions also alter, affecting our appearance. The teeth deteriorate — causing the jaw to recede, the lower portion of the face to droop, and the facial height or the distance between the nose and the chin to decrease.

Dentists who offer these facelifts claim they are pioneering breakthroughs in anti-aging and aesthetic dentistry. With the help of veneers, they can lift the entire face and make the patient look younger. For instance, if you want to widen your face's upper arch, the dentist will insert veneers into the back molars.

Watch this informative video by Perfect White Smile, where you'll discover how a facelift done at the dentists office can help make you look years younger.