A DIY Guide to Gutter Repair

It only takes a heavy summer storm to make you remember how important it is to have unclogged and leak-free gutter. Why hire someone when you can have a gutter repair on your own? In this blog, you will learn more tips about the gutter repair, especially if you are doing it on your own. * Begin with safety Before you go to the roof with your toolbox, you should also consider your safety.

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Check the gutters on the ladder and lean the ladders directly on uneven ground or gutters. This will help with instability. * Keep an eye for clogs Some of the common types of gutter repair are clogs. If left unsolved, it would lead to disconnected spikes, sagging, and water spillover. It could also cause damage to the house, rotting wood siding, damaging the foundations, and even being prone to pests. * Patch the holes If you ever spot leaks from the hole in the gutters, patch it right away. The holes may form improper nails, rust decay, or cracks due to weather damage. Patching will be easy if the rest of the gutter is in good condition. * Replace gutter spikes If you see that gutter spikes are worn out, replace them immediately. As the weight of gutters and water damage wear down, the spikes will likely come out of the holes and cause gutters to split and sag. .