Here's an Easy Way to Unclog Your Main Line

What if there was a method for alleviating a main line clog in a sewer line without calling a plumber or spending hundreds of dollars? Seems too good to be true? As this video shows, that's not necessarily the case, if using a sewer bladder clog remover. This relatively inexpensive item, which is available at numerous hardware stores or online, operates on an elemental principal of applied pressure. As seen in the video, the bladder design consists of a rubber bladder with a small water release hole on one end and a hose bib on the other.

Video Source

The bladder is attached to a garden hose and inserted into a sewer pipe at an access point, commonly called a sewer clean out. The clean out pipe is usually protruding from the ground near a septic tank or sewer line. If water is present at this point, the blockage is further down the line and can potentially be moved or dislodged. Once inserted, the water is turned on, supplying pressurized water flow to the clog point. Often, the main line clog will break loose and continue down the line after using the bladder.