Watch This Demo to See How to Polish Concrete

If you're wondering how professional concrete polishers work, look no further. The Youtube video "Smartkrete Concrete Polish Demonstration" shows exactly what happens during the process, and how experts get the job done. Let's find out more! When it comes to finishing concrete, you have to grind, polish, and then protect it from the elements.

Video Source

Firstly, they have to expose the desired amount of aggregate with the grinding cup wheel. Afterward, you have to decide what kind of grit they want to use for their polish because the surface will differ depending on it. In the video, they used the 50-grit resin diamond first, and this part can be done with dry or wet concrete. It depends on how the professional likes to work. Next, they demonstrated how the 100-grit resin diamond worked, and then the 200-grit. Each of these options will give a different scratch pattern. The decision is up to the experts or perhaps up to the client. Afterward, they have to apply a big coat of Densifier XL and spread it around the top evenly, then it has to sit dry for 45 minutes to an hour. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about professional concrete polishers.