What Does it Take to Become a Podiatrist Foot Doctor?

Podiatry is a unique field of medicine that deals with lower extremities like the ankle, lower leg, and foot. A Podiatrist Foot Doctor is required to have completed 4 years of podiatric school and 3 years of residency to be a professional in podiatric medicine. This ensures that a Podiatric Foot Doctor has enough education and training to practice in this field.

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Students who want to become podiatrists take up Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Other science classes are also relevant for Podiatry school. Most students get a bachelor’s degree in Biology or other similar fields of science. From there, they will go to Podiatry school for four years. They will focus on how nerves, bones, and muscles work together to help a patient move. They also study common injuries and illnesses that may affect a person's feet. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of them.

There are many foot-related concerns that Podiatrists treat. Check out these illnesses, and if you think you have experienced any of those, then seeing a Podiatrist Foot Doctor is recommended. This includes exterior issues like bunions, lacerations, or skin disorders. On the interior, they might deal with defects, joint problems, breaks and sprains, or infections.