Tips for Towing Low Cars

Loading vehicles with low ground clearance conventionally can be daunting. For this reason, you should be ready to go the extra mile to load and unload your car onto the towing vehicle. Luckily, this video provides two additional strategies to make towing a breeze. 1. Loading Ramp Angle The loading ramp angle technique involves placing a 2x8 board on the ground next to each ramp end to increase vehicle clearance.

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In cases where the car front is longer with a very low ground, you can use a longer board to accelerate loading. 2. Tire Strops If your vehicle's frontal clearance is insufficient to clear the 6-inch tire stops on the front of the trailer, extend the clearance by placing an 18-inch length of 2X8 on the trailer's deck. It is best to always put the board under the tires for more effortless loading. In cases where the front of the vehicle is longer, you will need to put another board to the rear of the tire-strap attachment bar. Avoid stacking any boards on top of the strap attachment bar. Remember to load gently with a bystander observing the car's clearance. After the loading, remove the loose boards that you used during loading. You can also employ the same technique during unloading. The cost of towing varies significantly depending on factors such as location. Be sure to search for towing near me for price estimation. Rest assured, a reputable towing company will get the job done.