The Wood to Vinyl Window Installation Process

Many houses come with wood windows, but new homeowners want to change to vinyl. The Youtube video "Removing Old Wood Window & Installing Vinyl Replacement Window (Step By Step)" shows how to do a vinyl frame window installation without many issues. Let's find out more! Some people need to change their window frame because sometimes they have painted over it and the window can't open anymore.

Video Source

In some states, there are codes that require windows to have a certain allotted space so that people can go out or others can get in during emergencies. Sometimes, old wooden frames don't permit these codes, so owners must install a new one, and vinyl is a great option. Firstly, you want to use a utility knife to cut through the trim and then remove the finish nails, which should be small and easy to take out. You have to cut everything carefully. Don't yank it because some of that material will be reused in the new installation. However, don't worry if some of it breaks. It's not a problem. Once you've done that on both sides, the sliding panel should be easy to take off. You can check the rest of the video for more details about vinyl frame window installation.