The Steps to Sealcoat a Parking Lot

A parking lot sealcoating protects your parking lot from damage caused by harmful UV sun rays, rain, snow, and ice, extending its lifespan. Additionally, the parking lot will be safe from premature fading, pothole formation, and cracking. Although the process sounds complicated, it's not as hard, according to this video.

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This article covers straightforward steps to seal a parking lot. Keep reading for a step-to-step guide to ensure you do it correctly the first time. Let's start! 1. Prepare by getting rid of debris in the parking lot 2. Start on the compressor 3. Turn on the agitator, and open the tank's valve and two valves on the machine. 4. Start sealing the parking lot 5. Before using a rubber squeegee on the main lot, work it against a building or around the sidewalks while spraying manageable portions of sealant. The whole idea is to avoid messing up the parking lot. 6. Give your parking lot some time to dry 7. Restripe back the parking lot Parking lot sealcoating is simple, and the to-do steps are straightforward. Still, it's advisable to use a rubber squeegee around the sidewalks or against a building to prevent a spraying mess. Also, you'll want to wear old clothes to avoid staining good clothes.