What Should Happen During a Roof Inspection

Every homeowner should know what happens during roof inspections so they can understand the results. The Youtube video "How To: Conduct a Roof Inspection" shows what happens during this process and what every single inspector should watch out for, so let's find out more! The main idea of roof inspections is to check whether there's something wrong with the structure. Sometimes, the contractor will not find anything awry. Sometimes, the homeowners will only need to tune up a few shingles here and there or similar.

Video Source

However, other times, they might discover a big problem. In the video, the inspector used a ladder to go up and check the roof directly. Firstly, he lifted the edges of the shingles to see if there was a drip edge. In some states, it's required by law. If there's no drip edge, the homeowner will need to add it through the perimeter of the roof. Afterward, he also checked if there was a second layer of shingles. Later, the inspector went on top of the roof to check its general look of it. They checked if there were missing shingles or any other visible problems. You can check the rest of the video for more details about roof inspections.