Tips for Combatting Conservatorship Abuse

Identifying and fighting against conservatorship abuse can be taxing, both physically and emotionally. As this video describes, there are legal actions which can be taken to positively impact the well-being of a loved one in this situation. An initial step should be to contact an experienced conservatorship lawyer. It's critical to fully understand the implications of removing, suspending, or terminating a conservatorship, as well as the process of appointing a new conservator, before making any final decisions.

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An individual may have entered into a conservatorship under the petition of friends, family, or the county. Often, a person's well-being and need for additional care is the catalyst for the appointment of such a person. Over time, the need for a conservator can change or will need to be amended. In some cases, a person heals and no longer needs assistance or care. Unfortunately, instances of physical, financial, and emotional abuse can occur in conservatorships, too. For example, financial changes like suddenly amending wills, bank accounts drained, or unusual purchases are potential signs of financial abuse. With the help of an experienced conservatorship lawyer, petitions are filed, court proceedings attended, and conservatees are properly represented and protected.