A Look at Hardwood Floor Refinisher Costs

Different materials are used during the refinishing process. A hardwood floor refinisher will start by sanding the floor. These professionals might use an oil-based type of polyurethane.

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They'll use sets of sanding sheets and a buffer pad for this portion of the procedure. There are lots of available rental sanders that people can use at this stage. When they're rented, the businesses will charge by the day. Refinishers have to make sure that they stay safe as they work. When they complete the sanding work, they'll need to wear a respirator, safety boots, eye protection, and ear plugs. The respirator will be important at other points for any professional hardwood floor refinisher, or anyone else who is completing the work. Sanding the floor helps to make it more even. Refinishers will also be able to get rid of the old layers of the finishing chemicals, giving them the chance to add new products. After sanding everything, they'll be sure to clean everything using water, which will stop dust from interfering with the refinishing chemicals that are applied in the last steps. Polyurethane is still added to the floor in a direct way, and refinishers use applicators and brushes while wearing gloves.