A Quick Tutorial on Crankshaft Grinding

As the video “Crank index and set stroke on 350 Chevrolet crankshaft grinding” by Performance Crankshaft shares, you'll want to start preparing for crankshaft grinding by setting the crankshaft at 38/3480. To put a centering device in place, relax both of the chucks. Then, have the plunger dip below as much as it can.

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If the centering device operates in a different way, then you'll want to install it in the way that it requires. Once the centering device is in place, you can set the crank index. You'll be able to do this by setting the shaft at zero. Then, turn the crankshaft in the direction facing you only halfway. Once you see how much a half-turn registers, you'll divide that number by fifty percent. Then, see what the index is and unlock the pins on the machine. After you've set the index to zero on both sides, you'll be able to make the stroke set to zero, as well. When the stroke is off, you can remedy this by setting it to zero and turning halfway for setting the index. Once this is all set up, you're ready for crankshaft grinding.